Theory that aliens planted us here to learn – UFO Sightings on the Rise in Victoria, Strilya

Theory that we are in a galactic preschool




The juxtaposition of modern and Victoria-era buildings is not the most interesting thing to see down Melbourne way.


UFO sightings in the state of Victoria in Strilya have risen precipitously. As a result, people are more willing to share their experiences, which include abductions.


One witness who gave her name as Neetu told the newspaper, the Sunday Herald Sun, of her abduction in India by tall beings. She said she had been “sucked up by light” to a “beautiful, technologically advanced” vessel. She was made to lie on a flat bench, where she was examined. She was then moved to another bench where a long needle was inserted to her shoulder. She found this painful and feared a large scar would result. She later met the head alien, who was “green reptilian.”


When she awoke the next morning, at first she thought she had had a dream, but then looked into a mirror to see a scar where she had been jabbed with the needle. She had further encounters at her home in Victoria. X-rays have found an unidentified object in her shoulder.


Her tale is one of the many to be investigated by the non-profit Theory that we are in a galactic preschool
organization, Victorian UFO Action (VFUFOA), which was founded in 2010 and is staffed by 10 volunteers. Its director, Ben Hurle, said the body had been deluged by calls, with this year so far seeing as many as 30 reports of UFOs above the city of Melbourne (where it always rains). Hurle was interviewed on the Kate Valentine UFO Show on WVNJ radio, which can be heard in Noo Joizee.


Hurle continued that a report is not necessarily an alien spacecraft, “But it is our job to find that out.” VFUFOA attempts to be scientific in its investigations. It analyzes footage and interviews witnesses. Sometimes, the sighting is obviously of such mundane objects as birds, bugs, airplanes and Chinese lanterns, but there are cases that cause staff to go “Wow! This could be the real thing!”


One recent sighting was between 1700 and 1730 on February 4 in Chirnside Park, 21 miles northeast of Melbourne, where a young boy filmed himself jumping and flipping on a trampoline. When the footage was later viewed, in the final 10 seconds was a UFO that traveled low in the sky from left to right. Viewed frame by frame, the object is unmistakeably a flying saucer with a reflective top and an object held underneath.


The day was clear and sunny and the object solid and incredibly fast-moving. Hurle said that technology had captured what it was difficult for the human eye to see, and that the footage was typical. The usual suspects have been eliminated as possibilities, and VUFOA concluded that the object was an alien airborne vehicle.


Another sighting was by two women driving between the towns of Taylors Lake and Daylesford, near Melbourne, at 2100 on February 15. They saw lights in the sky, and the driver, a flight attendant, knew they were not the lights of an airplane. The objects were than discerned to be diamond-shaped with colored lights that pulsated. There were three or four objects that moved erratically in various directions, including up and down. One object came close, enabling them to see its bottom, which was divided into quarters: two of dull metal and two that were black with flashing lights on their edges. The sighting lasted for around 30 minutes. They took a different route home, along the Melton Highway, where they saw something similar.


One more sighting took place at the Bellarine Peninsula, 47 miles from Melbourne, where there is a population of around 55,000 and tourists are increasingly attracted by the beaches and wineries. It was by a mother and her 18 year-old daughter. Above their home, they observed a bright light that pulsed red, green, and blue. Observation through binoculars showed the object to be “massive, plate-shaped.” It tilted in all directions for much more than an hour. Another object then appeared moving considerably faster than the first. This was red, and in appearance it was similar to “a jellyfish without tentacles.” It headed off in the direction of the moon.


Hurle himself has encountered aliens. This occurred one day in the summer of 2003 at 0300. He awoke to discover a “skinny, gray being” standing beside his bed. He said it had “a hypnotizing stare, which seemed to be scanning my body… into the core.” The entity’s gaze was strong, and Hurle found himself hardly able to move. He felt that the creature “was pulling my soul out of my body,” which left him feeling “completely helpless and violated.” Hurle said, “I screamed at the top of my lungs,” which caused the alien to break its gaze and disappear.


During the following week, Hurle slept with the hall light on in case he was revisited. Two years later, this came to pass as he played basketball at his home at 1000. There was an alien standing next to his car, “shimmering in an inky glow” and staring at him once more. He felt that it was reading his thoughts. Rather than walking, it glided.


Hurle has since undergone hypnosis, which he recommends to anyone who is uneasy following what they believe to be extra-terrestrial contact.