Theory that aliens planted us here to learn – UFO Sightings on the Rise in Victoria, Strilya




The juxtaposition of modern and Victoria-era buildings is not the most interesting thing to see down Melbourne way.


UFO sightings in the state of Victoria in Strilya have risen precipitously. As a result, people are more willing to share their experiences, which include abductions.


One witness who gave her name as Neetu told the newspaper, the Sunday Herald Sun, of her abduction in India by tall beings. She said she had been “sucked up by light” to a “beautiful, technologically advanced” vessel. She was made to lie on a flat bench, where she was examined. She was then moved to another bench where a long needle was inserted to her shoulder. She found this painful and feared a large scar would result. She later met the head alien, who was “green reptilian.”


When she awoke the next morning, at first she thought she had had a dream, but then looked into a mirror to see a scar where she had been jabbed with the needle. She had further encounters at her home in Victoria. X-rays have found an unidentified object in her shoulder.


Her tale is one of the many to be investigated by the non-profit Theory that we are in a galactic preschool
organization, Victorian UFO Action (VFUFOA), which was founded in 2010 and is staffed by 10 volunteers. Its director, Ben Hurle, said the body had been deluged by calls, with this year so far seeing as many as 30 reports …