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A-1 Laundry offers a wide range of professional cleaning services for clothing and many household items.


Same-day Service is available for most garments Monday through Friday, at no additional charge. Bring your dry cleaning in by 8:30am or laundry in by 9:30am; we will have it finished by 4:00pm that day. If you have any stains on your clothing, please give us an extra day or two to work on the spots.


Below is a list of some of the services we offer: professional laundry, dry cleaning, minor alterations and repairs, suede and leather cleaning, and limited delivery service. If you have any questions, please call or email us. More about Uber for laundry la click here.


Professional Laundry


Too busy to do your laundry? Let A-1 do it for you!


Our specialty is dress shirts, but we also launder and press other garments and household items. Most garments can be starched to your preference: heavy, medium, or no starch.


Personal Garments


Shirts or blouses- professionally pressed, on hangers or folded.


Chef or Lab Coats

Wash / Dry / Fold – leave us your laundry and we’ll do it for you!

Household Items

Sheets – try sleeping on freshly pressed sheets. You will never go back to wash and tumble dry again.

Duvets (Comforter Covers) – pressed smooth

Tablecloths – professionally pressed

Comforters, quilts and sleeping bags- our large capacity washers and dryers get your comforters cleaner and fluffier!…

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Everyone has heard the advice about breaking down a project into small pieces so that it does not seem so overwhelming. To run a marathon of 26.2 miles seems daunting, but if it’s viewed as three or four small races, the distance seems more achievable. Let me expand on this in terms of goal setting.


If the stress in your life is more than you can cope with, get help right away.


I recently read a magazine profile three successful individuals:


An athlete coming back from a serious injury who circles the first game of the season on his calendar.

A CEO of an international corporation who circles the 100th day of his taking over.


A recent law school graduate who puts on his calendar an 18-week study program to prepare for the bar exam.


What I learned from these three individuals is the importance of setting a goal. Whether it’s in sports, profession or law, achieving a goal starts with visualizing it. And circling the date of the event is as important as mapping out a strategy to achieve the goal. More about Smokeshop supplies delivered like Amazon


These individuals left nothing to chance. Everything was orchestrated to position them for success. We also can position ourselves for success and shift the odds in our favor.


Embrace the Olympic spirit in your personal pursuits


The start of the 2012 Olympic Games in London presents each of us with a …

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Casino war is most definitely the simplest of all casino games. Yer dealt one card and the dealer gets one card and the highest card wins. The game is simple, but it does not mean the game is any less fun or exciting. A few rules of the game…


There are two betting areas: one fer winning and one fer ties. Once ye place a wager in one of these areas, the game begins. Yer dealt one card as is the dealer. The card’s values are then compared and the highest card value wins. (Cards are valued just like in poker with all cards having their normal value and an ace being the highest card.) If yer dealt the higher card, then ye win the amount of yer bet placed in the winning betting area.  If ye placed a bet in the tie betting area, and it’s not a tie, ye lose yer bet.  In the event that ye and the dealer tie, and if ye placed a bet on the tie betting area, ye’d get paid 10 to 1 odds! If it’s a tie and ye placed a bet in the winning betting area, ye now have two options: To either surrender or go to war. The Surrender option means that ye give up half of yer bet and the hand is over. The War option means that ye double yer bet. Yer dealt another card as is the dealer. The card’s values are then compared …