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After disappointing action for both teams in FAI Cup they meet each other at Kingspan Century Park today to decide who will be …the last team in the Division! The domestic side is currently at the bottom , desperate to gain som efresh air, while the guests are above them but just 3 points is the difference between.

And why i will go for Shelbourne despite the awful injury crisis there and the dramatic falling down of the form at the beginning of the season? The first reason is the quality of the home side – they have just 9 points from 14 games which is a solid application for finishing last at the end of the season. They have also dropped here points by few unambitious teams so far. Stephen Finnegan is still out for the Mons with an ongoing knee problem. A kind of good news for them: Steven Feeney and Cian Mackey both await late fitness tests. It is also semeed that the team have handled the goalkeeping problem as u21 goalie Darren McQuaid may be fit to play despite sustaining a knee injury in last night’s training session.

It is time for Shelbourne to start climbing the table and every easy point lost means serious obstacles in front such a mission. Despite they must plan without Glen Lacey and Alan Murphy it is likely to see them achieving their 3 win for the season and confirming the improvement in the form.

There’s not a great deal …

Antigua-Barbuda delegation to attend WTO appeal hearing Monday

  1. JOHN’S, Antigua: Minister of Finance and the Economy, Dr Errol Cort, will lead Antigua and Barbuda’s delegation to the February 21-22 hearing by the Appellate Body of the World Trade Organization of an appeal by the United States against the findings of the WTO Panel, which ruled in favour of Antigua and Barbuda in the now famous “Internet gaming case.”


“The hearing is the end result of a process that was triggered when the US filed a “Notice of Appeal” with the WTO in early January, which they are allowed to do under the rules within sixty days of the publication of the Panel’s Report,” said Minister Cort.

“Their action then set in motion a series of submissions by our legal team and theirs to the WTO Appellate Body, which has appointed three of its members to hear the oral arguments from both sides on February 21-22,” added the Minister. He further noted that, in addition to Antigua and Barbuda and the US, other WTO members have taken an active part in the proceedings as “third participants.”

While the final decision of the three-member Panel is of course unknown, the country’s gaming officials are very confident that the gaming industry in Antigua and Barbuda operates within a legal and administrative framework that can serve as a model for other countries.

“Despite the huge financial costs, our authorities have strengthened the mechanisms for regulating the international financial services sector and bolstered our money laundering laws,” said Kaye MacDonald, Director of …

Park’s Back For Vital Poker Online Terpercaya Week



Autumn has been more fruitful than the summer. As the last European season came to an end in May, the fate of South Korea’s overseas stars really hung in the balance. Some were fit, few were playing and none were scoring.


Lee Dong-guk and Lee Chun-soo were Poker Online Terpercaya soon heading back east after unsuccessful spells in England and the Netherlands respectively. Neither managed a league goal and, it is safe though cruel to say, neither will be missed by the fans left behind.


But there are always more willing to wander westwards in search of fame and fortune. Kim Do-heon has impressed for Premier League new boys West Bromich Albion. The ex-Seongnam star almost scored the best goal of the English season so far but his rocket shot from 30 metres bounced off the crossbar. His performances led the BBC to label him a ‘tenacious, technical and tidy player’.


Now he is injured after a freak accident in last week’s match at Middlesbrough. After just 20 seconds, Kim caught his cleats in the turf and twisted his knee. He was carried off in obvious pain. Korean TV network MBC was also distressed. Following the Korean practice of starting the broadcast a minute or two after kick-off, Kim had already left the field by the time viewers joined the action, leaving commentators unsure of how to explain the events.


Also unsure of how to deal with Kim’s absence is national team coach Huh …

World Cup Style Pkv Poker Council



With less than two weeks to go before the kick off for World Cup ’06 what is the discerning follower of football fashion going to be wearing in Germany?


England Helmets – protect your bonce for harmful rays with this plastic World War II Wehrmacht classic tit for tatSales of England goods have been doing well including German World War II helmets complete with a St. George Cross.

What the average German will make of hundreds of Dutch and England supporters donning World War II headgear remains to be seen.


Still they should have lots of auxiliary uses – a makeshift Pkv Poker seat, a lid to keep the sun off your lager, even a bag to carry your lagers.


To avoid being arrested or truncheoned by an angry German Polizeiman, simply turn your get-out-of-trouble-quick t-shirt inside out and, quicker than you can say A more subtle approach to getting on well with the hosts is Karmarama’s reversible England Get Out of Trouble Quick T-shirt. To avoid being arrested or truncheoned by an angry German Polizeiman, simply turn your get-out-of-trouble-quick t-shirt inside out and, quicker than you can say “But I’m just an innocent bystander officer,” you’ll be transformed from a devoted and loyal England footie fan into a passive German cat lover. This reversible red t-shirt comes in 100% quality soft cotton.


More traditional England caps, t-shirts, bags and golf towels have also been selling well. Our distributors England 4 Ever have kept …

Free Gambling Tips – Winning Method for Situs Slot Bingo



Let me say at the very start . . . it is my own sincere opinion that when one sticks to tested rules, one’s chances of winning more or less consistently is by far the most sensible procedure. On the other hand, BINGO is a game of Chance, and one’s luck (and streaks of luck) can be greatly IMPROVED by following a good set of rules. I think THIS is the best ever. I’m confident no one has ever worked out a method to win EACH game one plays (regardless how many cards they may buy.) With THIS method I have worked out, one should WIN a lot more frequently than NOT using it.


Having owned one of the largest professional Bingo game sets made, and having made a careful study of each move and “call”, I find out some situs slot numbers are hardly ever called. So I don’t pick out (or accept) cards with those numbers on them. The law of AVERAGES indicates most numbers ought to be called three or more times in an evening . . . yet time and time again . . . ALL are NOT.


Whenever possible, attend Bingo games where you may select your own cards. That’s the FIRST and one of the most important rules.


Take the letter B: Favor the first TEN (10) numbers. AVOID higher numbers.


The letter I: You’ll most likely find it pays best to favor 19 through and including 29. …

Hill Pleased Persistent ventures By Improved Planning Performance



More planning applications are being dealt with at greater speeds according to figures published today. Local authorities dealt with planning applications two per cent faster in 2002/03 than in the previous year.


Despite an increase to 167,000 applications local planning authorities decided 43 per cent of major planning applications within 13 weeks, 54 per cent of minor planning applications and 72 per cent of other planning applications within eight weeks.


Planning Minister Keith Hill said:


“I am encouraged by these figures which reflect the hard work of planners. A faster, more efficient planning service benefits everyone in the community, whether their application is for a home extension or a new hospital.”


“Authorities like Wychavon, Middlesbrough and North Wiltshire have turned around performance and improved both speed and quality by rethinking their processes. I have invited these authorities to meet me so I can learn more about how it can be done.”


Improved performance by authorities is rewarded financially through the £350 million planning delivery grant. In the next financial year £130 million will be distributed to local planning authorities based on improvements in speed and quality of delivery.


Keith Hill said:


“It is encouraging to see a considerable number of authorities who are just below our performance targets. It just needs a small push and they will be there.


“My only concern is the improvements in performance remain concentrated in the simpler, householder applications. I want to see how next …

Court Rules Brazil’s Bitcoin Max Exchange Can Be Keep Bank Account with Block activist group





Brazilian cryptocurrency exchange Bitcoin Max has been granted the right to keep its Banco Santander account. The court ruled that the bank had not fulfilled its obligation to notify crypto companies of the closing in advance.


Closed Accounts Deemed Illegal


Judge Geilza F. Cavalcanti Diniz of the 3rd Civil Court of Brasilia made the ruling. Portal do Bitcoin reported that the judge Ana Catarino, 8th Federal District Court, had granted an injunction to the digital asset trading platform. Bitcoin Max sued Santander after its account had been closed without notice.


Court Rules Brazil’s Bitcoin Max Exchange Can Be Keep Bank Account


Judge Cavalcanti Diniz said in a prior ruling that the account closing is within the power of the financial institution, as per Resolution 2,025/93 of Central Bank of Brazil. Because there was no evidence that Bitcoin Max, the plaintiff, was notified of the closing of its account, she declared unlawful the rescission. Bacen’s same resolution states that banks can only terminate accounts after giving notice in writing to the account holder.


The cryptocurrency exchange lost Block activist group claim for moral damages compensation. The judge stated that closing the account of the cryptocurrency exchange is not an act violating personal rights. She noted that the case shouldn’t be treated as a consumer matter, since the bank account was used in order to facilitate business activities.


Santander is accused of abusing rights


Leonardo Ranna, Bitcoin Max’s lawyer explained that …

Varenicline may be safe and effective for smoking cessation in bipolar support groups – Quit nic association | Anti nicotine association | Stop kid nicotine use association



People with some sort of serious and persistent psychological illness like bipolar disorder are a lot more likely to smoking and to possess less quit prices compared to general human population. Early estimated prevalence of smoking amongst patients with bipolar disorder is somewhat more compared to 65 percent in comparison with 18 per cent among the standard public. Quit costs are, usually, 18. 6 percent in addition to 42. 5%, respectively.


Compared with nonsmoking bipolar disorder individuals, those who smoke possess higher rates associated with mixed episodes, suicide attempts, and added drug and alcohol dependence? all associated with which contribute in order to lower response costs to conventional mood-stabilizing treatments.


“Smoking arrêt can be a critically significant piece in building therapeutic programs for people who possess a dual analysis of depression plus addiction. We have got to address the fact that when bipolar patients have a new smoking problem, their own mental illness is usually more challenging to take care of, ” says Tag A. Frye, Michael. D., chair involving the Department of Psychiatry and Mindsets at Mayo Clinic’s campus in Rochester, Minnesota, and representative of the Depressive disorder Center there.


Thus Doctor Frye, inside of collaboration with using tobacco cessation clinical researchers Christi A. Patten, Ph. D., some sort of professor of mindset, and Jon O. Ebbert, M. G., in the Nicotine Reliance Center, set out and about to study the particular feasibility of employing varenicline for people with bipolar dysfunction. More about Anti

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How to use technology solutions for data-driven decision making


The business world is awash with data, analytics and business intelligence. Businesses from all sectors, including ecommerce invest heavily in new technologies for data collection and data use.


Data-driven decision making is crucial for ecommerce companies as they strive to understand their audience and make tactical business decisions that will keep them ahead of the competition.


However, most businesses recognize the importance and value of data in providing business insights. Many aren’t aware of the best ways to use data to support business results. Check out Store to buy anything and everything


We’ll be sharing the challenges faced by ecommerce merchants with data. How the right combination technology and strategies can provide the necessary insights. Also, examples of BigCommerce merchants who are using data solutions to help drive their business forward.


The Problem: Too Many Data, Not Enough Information


Forrester’s “Data Literacy Matters”, a global report on data and analytics, found that 90% of data and analytics decision-makers are now focusing on prioritizing data insight in business decision making. This report also shows that 91% percent of businesses report difficulties in using data to improve their business insights.


Data is becoming more important than ever for businesses. However, many businesses still struggle to transform their data into insight and then into action.


A Forrester study found that 60% to 73% of data in corporations is unutilized. Statista data shows …

Is CBD Oil Safe for Cats? Check out Lowest priced CBD manufacturer




Although there has been very little research, it is difficult to determine if CBD is safe for cats. Current data suggests that CBD is safe. Numerous studies have shown that CBD has a positive effect in dogs. It reduces seizure frequency, and can also help with other health issues. (3) This indicates that CBD is safe for felines.


CBD has been reported by pet owners to cause side effects in their pets, including indigestion and drowsiness. These side effects can occur if you give your pet CBD in a higher dosage. It’s important to keep your pet on a low dose and to closely monitor their health.


Your veterinarian should also be consulted about CBD. Your veterinarian can advise you on CBD dosage, and tell you if CBD could interact with medications your pet is currently taking. You should be cautious, but you shouldn’t be afraid of giving CBD to your cat.


How can you choose the right CBD oil for your cat?


CBD products are not subject to any regulatory oversight. This means that you need to be cautious when choosing CBD products for your cat. Some low-quality products could contain contaminants or additives. These products can be toxic to cats, so you should avoid them.


You should only choose products made for cats. These products contain CBD primarily, and they also use carrier oils that are safe for cats like MCT or coconut oil. You should look for products that …